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  • Message from our Minister

    April 2020.

    Well, Easter is upon us, but it is not the Easter any of us would want or expect.  It is a time of isolation and fear.  For many it will be a time of illness and for some, worse.  There will be families mourning the loss of loved ones, distressed that they will not even be allowed to attend a funeral.

    We have, literally, never known a time like it.

    If I may, I would like to offer another perspective.

    I have just read an article by Terry Waite who was held as a captive for more than 1700 days.  On the surface his comments may sound insensitive, for in essence he says “stop moaning, you are not stuck in the house, you are safe in the house”.

    Easter is a strange time for Christians as we are asked to live in two worlds - the world about us where we form our own views on who to trust and what to believe and in which we learn that if we do not expect too much we will not be disappointed - and the world of the New Testament where we are asked to believe the unbelievable.

    I think the problem is that we form a view of what is achievable based upon our life experiences and the gospel story of death and resurrection is beyond any of our life experiences.

    Almost 20 years ago, as I was finishing a Masters Degree, I was fortunate to go and live amongst the “coloured” (i.e. mixed race, it is the word they use to describe themselves) community in Johannesburg very close to a squatter camp.  As you can imagine, life was very different there also - beyond any of my life experiences.  I became good friends with a man who had previously worked as an undertaker in the Zulu/Inkatha wars.  He was seen as an outsider and therefore non-aligned to either side.  He told me this story:

    “We were employed to act for lots of families all at the same time.  I remember being terrified for my life in one burial in which a young man had been killed by a ‘necklace’ (a tyre is placed around the neck, filled with petrol and set on fire).  We kept being stopped on the way to the funeral so that he could be taken from his coffin and killed a bit more.  It was a chaotic time and often the last thing to happen was to get the paperwork - we buried the dead and received the paperwork later.  During all this we buried two elderly women at about the same time. When we got the paperwork we realised we had got them mixed up and buried them in the wrong grave.  But.... no- one noticed, why did no-one say  ‘but that isn’t Grandma’?”

    This is a world where coffins are kept open for folk to pay their respects, why didn’t anyone say anything?  And to this day no- one has.

    One answer is that death changes us all.

    Jesus’s disciples did not recognise him, why?  Because the risen Jesus looked different from the one they knew.

    When our world comes through all this, when it is “resurrected”, it will be very different from the one before.  People will be less willing to - go on cruises - fly abroad - shake hands with strangers.  It may look different, but it will still be the same.  Friends and family will be here, jobs may have changed, but opportunities will be here, for that is the nature of resurrection.

    Go well, stay safe and I will see you when all this is over.


    Revd Alan Poolton


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